Graphic Design Trends to Watch For

From infographics to website design to video, new innovative design features have taken branding to the next level and introduced new ways, and old, to display creativity. This year, here are a few graphic design elements to look out for as you create content of your own or scroll your social media feeds.

AI Generated Art

AI generated art has exploded in just the past few months with generators having the ability to create fully realized visuals in a short time with just a few words given to them. While you may not want to use the fully AI images as your own content, they are a fantastic way to visualize your words ad bring them to life and we are very likely to see more AI services and creations on our screens in the coming months.

Retro Illustrations

As we have noticed in the past, nostalgia is an effective route for marketing and can leave a big impact, especially if the visuals are done right. Expect to see more callbacks to the ‘90s that play on nostalgia with bright colors, abstract design and a grunge look. The early 2000s have also comeback in a big way, which has influenced brands to use more cyber-like and metallic imagery in what they create.

3D and Virtual Reality

With 3D designs easier to create now, they have become in-demand. While some brands choose to use nostalgia marketing, others have decided to become more futuristic and emphasize an immersive design experience that utilizes virtual reality. Whether it is through logos or typography, 3D elements can be introduced by adding more depth, shadow and texture to what you create.


While some brands choose to be more futuristic and sleeker in their design, many are doing the quite opposite and opting for a more minimalist design prompt. This means more monochromatic designs, limited color palettes, basic shapes and sometimes handwritten typography instead of custom fonts or 3D renderings. This cleaner approach has changed design and become known as “anti-branding.”

Will you embrace new design in 2023 with these trends?

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash


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at Jan 17, 2023

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