#FunFactFriday – Gift Giving

Are you a natural gift giver or do you struggle to come up with ideas? Do you tend to prefer funny gifts or ones that lean sentimental? Whatever type of gift giver you are or whatever gifts you prefer, this giving season is sure to be a great one.

Check out these gift giving facts below:

  • According to YouGov, women give gifts to more recipients than men in the holiday season with women giving to an average of 9.44 recipients while men gift to an average of 6.67 recipients.
  • Do you wrap your presents? If yes, are you good at it? While 80 percent of consumers wrap presents themselves, only 69 percent think that they are good at it.
  • Holiday shoppers are purchasing their gifts online more and more with 57 percent of U.S. consumers planning to shop online this year while 43 percent plan to go to stores.
  • Animals give gifts, too! The bonobo species of apes have developed the habit of gifting food like apples and bananas to strangers. This is because bonobos are highly social animals that enjoy making friends and growing their social network.

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at Dec 17, 2021

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