#FunFactFriday – Doggy Edition

Did you know that August is National Dog Month?

Given 80% of our staff are proud dog parents, here are a few fun facts as it relates to our four-legged friends:

  1. Dogs reduce feelings of isolation. With nearly 60% of workers working at least partially from home, having canine companionship is critical to keeping us from feeling lonely.
  2. Dogs are good for the heart. While we love them, they are good for us in a literal sense as dog ownership has been associated with decreased cardiovascular risk.
  3. Dogs teach us responsibility.
  4. Dogs can help boost your immune system.
  5. Dogs model unconditional love.
  6. Dogs are a natural stress reliever.
  7. Dogs get us outdoors, even when we are busy (no one wants an accident on the carpet, after all)
  8. Dogs help keep us on a routine.
  9. People just like “dog people” more in general. No, really.
  10. Dogs help us naturally produce oxytocin aka the love and cuddle hormone.
  11. Dogs protect us.

And, of course, dogs up our social media game, always willing and able to be our models, even when co-workers, kids, parents and partners shy away from it.

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at Aug 5, 2022

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