Sometimes You Have to Forget the Script

In May, I purchased a new air conditioning unit.  The company I purchased it from offered one-year, same-as-cash financing.  I arranged for the financing, had the unit installed and set-up automatic payments.

About two months later, I got a notification that an American Express account could not be opened because my identity couldn’t be verified.  Good thing, since I didn’t apply for the card.  I called and reported it to the credit bureau and didn’t think anything more about it.

A couple times since then, I’ve gotten similar letters.  A quick call confirmed that no accounts had been opened and that the credit bureaus had been notified. Nothing unusual has occurred since October.

Until this week.  I got a letter from Paypal saying they couldn’t open a credit account because they couldn’t verify my identity (notice a pattern here)?  But two days ago, I received a Paypal debit card in the mail.

I’ve now been on-hold 90 minutes trying to cancel an account I never opened.

Three different customer service reps.  Three identical scripts.  None of which have anything to do with what I’m calling about.

Sometimes in customer service you have to forget the script.

“I am sorry you are having a problem with your account.”  I’m not having a problem with my account because I don’t have one.

“I understand that you would like to report a fraudulent charge.” No, I don’t want to report a charge because I don’t have an account.”

“I understand you would like to open a Paypal credit account.” Oh my!

And of course, each one thanks me for my patience. Which for the record, ran out at about the 45-minute mark.

When dealing with an upset customer or client, sometimes you have to forget the script so that you can really listen to what the customer is telling you.  Had the first person actually listened to what I said, this issue would have been quickly resolved.

“Nina” has given me her 100% guarantee that the account has been closed, no other further action is required on my end. OK, Nina, if not, I’ve got your number.

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at Mar 3, 2021

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