Find Luck on Friday the 13th

Notable dates can be a great way to generate marketing buzz and get audiences excited, this is especially the case for an occurrence like Friday the 13th.

The date has different meanings for everyone. While many fear the superstition surrounding the day, horror movie fans might cherish the namesake of their favorite scary movie franchise and some individuals might even be celebrating their birthday  –like our own Abbie Fink. Happy birthday, Abbie!

The origin of this supposedly unlucky day stems from a few different places including the consistent fear of the number 13 throughout history and the biblical story of The Last Supper as well as the consistent tradition of unlucky Fridays.

It’s also important to note that the negative feeling surrounding 13 is mostly apparent in the West, and the number is actually considered lucky in some other cultures or swapped out for a different number to signify bad luck. If you are global, consider if a Friday the 13th campaign is right for your audiences.

As far as marketing, there are so many unique possibilities to explore that can help your business stand out. Whether you are holding a 13% flash sale and $13 off deal to mark the day or leveraging the superstition around the day to amplify the launch of a new product, consider how the date can be incorporated into your message and vision.

Although Friday the 13th might seem like an uncommon occurrence, the structure of the Gregorian calendar makes it slightly more probable for the 13th day of any month to be a Friday compared to any other day of the week. Stay positive!

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at Oct 13, 2023

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