What Have We Learned From Abbie?

This week marks Abbie’s milestone 30th anniversary at HMA Public Relations. Back when she started at HMA, Jurassic Park was the top movie at the box office and Janet Jackson’s That’s the Way Love Goes topped the music charts. Gas? It was about a dollar a gallon. Yes, ONE dollar.

In honor of her anniversary, and in a follow-up to her “30 years, 30 things” post last week, we planned to share all the great lessons we’ve learned from Abbie over the years.

However, when you work with someone for 20 years (30 for Scott), chances are you already blew that great idea (as we did here for her 50th birthday).

Ever nimble, to honor Abbie here is a NEW list of lessons we have learned – 30 to honor her 30 years with us – collected from our current team:

  1. Always make time for family
  2. Invest in relationships
  3. Be on time
  4. Give your time
  5. Value others’ time
  6. Donnie Osmond is a dreamboat
  7. Test technology before using (then test it again)
  8. Love on your pets early and often
  9. Actively listen
  10. Stand up for what is right
  11. Double check your work
  12. Don’t make assumptions
  13. Be thoughtful in your approach
  14. Try something new
  15. Disney is absolutely for adults, too
  16. Avoid jargon in your professional and personal life
  17. Read the sports page headlines
  18. There are two kinds of music: country and western
  19. Special events aren’t all bad
  20. Be true to your word and mean what you say
  21. Think before you talk
  22. Give credit to others where credit is due
  23. Trust your gut
  24. Show you can do it by doing it
  25. Ask questions
  26. Make goals
  27. Surround yourself with good eggs
  28. Act with purpose
  29. Make a list
  30. Come to the point

Oops, we better come to the point, then! Abbie, the point is…none of this happens without you. We love you. The impact you have had on all of our lives is profound. You are our person!!

Happy Anniversary, Abbie!

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at Jun 28, 2023

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