Edible Mascot Marks a New First in Marketing

Following the Pop-Tarts Bowl in Orlando, Fla., where the Kansas State Wildcats took down the NC State Wolfpack in a 28-19 victory, came a new first in sports history–the first edible mascot.

In a unique post-game marketing move, watch here, a giant Pop-Tarts mascot named Strawberry appeared from a giant toaster after the trophy ceremony and waved goodbye with a sign reading, “Dreams really do come true,” before being lowered into the toaster and exiting as a giant, fully edible Pop-Tart. This made the perfect post-game snack for the players, as they descended on Strawberry to take their first victory bites.

The moment exploded on social media and went viral, spawning memes and even a subtle remark from Cheez-It mascot, Ched Z, who appeared at the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl from a huge Cheez-It box with a sign of their own that said, “Non-edible Mascot.”

While still a large-scale sporting event, the moment with the Pop-Tart mascot generated massive attention on-par with a memorable moment from an event like the Super Bowl. With the big game just around the corner, could we see more references to edible mascots?

This instance also teaches us a valuable lesson that however out of the ordinary and fantastical your marketing idea might be, it could resonate with audiences and give your business the attention it has been looking for. Brand experiences are always evolving, whether online or in-person, so don’t be afraid to embrace this as you strive to bring your brand vision to life.

The trendy aesthetic of cute, miniature food has had its fair share of marketing success with tiny kitchen videos amassing millions of views online and brands like Impossible Foods and toymaker MGA using the aesthetic in their work, but now big eats are also looking for some attention.

Ched Z the Cheez-It vs Strawberry the Pop-Tart wasn’t on our Bingo card for the first feud of 2024. Can you think of another potential edible, or non-edible, brand mascot that could pull off a stunt like this?

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at Jan 3, 2024

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