Do You Have A Brand Mascot?

Last week, Rayna discussed the psychology of color and shared how color can make a difference when marketing certain products or brands. This week, with the news of M&M’s replacing its spokescandies with actress Maya Rudolph, to “allow the colorful cast of M&M’S spokescandies to step away and embrace a new path to pursue other passions,” I am discussing brand mascots and their benefits.

From the Pillsbury Doughboy to the Morton Salt Girl to our very own Mr. Pickle, brand mascots help increase brand identity and stick out when it comes to your brand. Mascots can be effective storytellers for your brand and help send a message. Other benefits of brand mascots include the ability to build connections with different demographics, appeal to emotion and create new personalities.

Once your brand mascot has been brought to life, it’s important to include it in the marketing process. Commercials, logos, print advertisements and merchandise are just some of the ways you can increase your brand recognition and make your mascot known. Mascots can also help you stand out on social media, aside from creating content with your mascot in mind, it is also wise to set up your own social media account specifically for your brand character to share its thoughts and further promote your brand or business. Also, did you know that a brand mascot adds almost 30 percent to brand volume on social media according to a study from Synthesio?

Mascots are the truest representatives for your brand and will always be there for your business, whether big or small. Does a mascot fit into your brand story?

Mr Pickle's Sandwich Shop Promo shoot 06/17/2022 Scottsdale, AZ
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at Jan 24, 2023

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