Don’t be fooled…#SpinSucks

don't be fooled photoAsk any PR professional what’s the one word they hate the most when describing what we do in our profession and it is a safe bet that word will be “spin.”  And one professional that is determined to change that perception is Gini Dietrich, author of the blog SpinSucks and the just-released book aptly called Spin Sucks.
Full disclosure – Gini and I are friends.  We were friends long before there was talk of “community” and “social engagement” and the role social media plays in our profession.  But for as long as I’ve known her, the idea that she believes so strongly is changing the perception of our profession.
I read the book on a flight to Social Media Marketing World, where she was presenting on community-building.  I wanted to finish it before I saw her.  It is a relatively easy read, but chockfull of some great information regarding our industry, how to communicate effectively, efficiently and ethically in this new and somewhat still uncharted territory of developing content. Whether earned or owned, shared, commented on or ignored – the way in which we communicate our presence online and offline is still as crucial to the success of any business as it ever was.  So whether you are PR practitioner, marketer, social media manager or simply the person at your office that has been tasked with these responsibilities, this book is worth reading.
I read it with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised that there are still a few things I can learn about how and what we do every day.  And it served as a great reminder and enforcer of the things we already do and do well.
You’ll discover some real-world examples of the good, the bad and the ugly.  She explains Google and its ranking system (at least its system right now), talks about storytelling, creating content, stealing content, media relations, SEO, and some other valuable nuggets of information.
And as she states in the chapter on the future of communications…
Communications professionals must adapt and change, while keeping up with the times. Business leaders must understand what the industry can provide and ask for it. When you think of public relations, it is not just about getting your name in print…you must be using communications for brand awareness and credibility, and also an investment in your organization’s future.
I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I have three copies of the book that I’m happy to share.  Leave a comment telling me what you believe the future of the communications industry is and we’ll randomly select three people to receive a copy.

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at Apr 1, 2014

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