Does Your Brand Need a Refresh?

On Jan. 11, Maricopa County announced all departments, along with several County elected offices, will unify under one identity which includes a new logo and colors. As with all large-scale, high-profile rebrands, the announcement was met with strong reactions.

So, why a logo refresh and rebrand? What is the benefit? Does your brand need one?

While no hard timing of how often a brand needs an update, a good rule of thumb is to consider one every eight to 10 years, and sooner if there are significant changes within the organization such a restructuring, expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership changes.

A brand refresh may also serve as a way to put you back in front of prospective customers or clients, as well as a way to reinforce who you are and what you do to current customers and clients.

A brand refresh should include several elements, not just a new logo. Some of them to consider:

  • Brand standards guide
  • Mission statement
  • Key messaging
  • Website update
  • Communications plan
  • Timeline for internal and external rollout
  • Media relations campaign

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at Jan 19, 2023

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