Digital Marketing in the Age of a Pandemic

When the pandemic first began, many radio and TV advertisements sounded insincere to the current times of wearing masks and social distancing. Marketers scrambled to update campaigns with new and innovative ways to reach their consumer.

With COVID-19 concerns still prevalent, Iterable released its outlook at the most anticipated digital marketing tactics for 2021 which include:

  1. Apps

Nearly 90% of brand-to-consumer companies will have an app by the end of the year. My favorite B2C apps are JoAnn’s Fabric and and Lowe’s, not just because I love crafting and home improvement, but also because they offer special deals you can only access through the app. It almost feels like getting rewarded for not leaving your house to shop!

  1. Zero-Party Data

Marketers are cutting out the middleman in 2021. Unlike third-party data, which is sold to marketers, zero-party data is when a consumer intentionally and purposefully gives you data for the sake of personalizing what information you see. Zero-party data is usually collected by offering the consumer a poll or survey but normally doesn’t take much time. Twitter asks, “Is this tweet relevant to you?” and by clicking yes or no, you are allowing Twitter to personalize your experience on the app.

  1. AI

More than 80% of B2C brands have committed to using AI in their marketing strategy. The use of artificial intelligence has allowed companies to create higher customer conversion rates with less effort by predicting consumer behavior with great accuracy. The more advanced the AI, the better it will work. Chatbots are no longer manned and will continue to improve with time. Taking AI a step further, it has the capacity to generate and curate content from blog articles to TikTok videos.

Which of these marketing tactics are you most looking forward to?

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at Feb 4, 2021

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