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April 16, 2019
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April 18, 2019
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I know. I know.

I am likely the millionth person to use that as a headline.

But, after hearing Derrick Hall address the sold-out crowd at the PRSA Western District Conference in Phoenix last week (co-chaired by HMA’s own Abbie S. Fink, I might add), I had to go there.

Now, you may think it odd the president of CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks served as the opening night keynote at a public relations conference. Unless you knew he actually got his start with the Dbacks in 2005 as senior vice president of communications. Or that his bachelor’s degree from ASU is in Public Relations and Broadcasting. He is one of “us.”

But I digress.

During his speech – equal parts funny and thought-provoking – Hall shared some pretty inspiring stuff. Wanted to share some of my favorite nuggets while still fresh:

  • Believe in FAWTSY – finding a way to say “yes.”
  • Count up your accomplishments. Now count your goals and dreams. If your dreams still outweigh your accomplishments, you are (and always will be) young, no matter your actual age.
  • PR can lead you wherever you need to go. You can do absolutely anything with a background in it.
  • Give people an experience.
  • Be accessible. Answer calls. Respond to emails. Text back.

Oh, he also advises to be OBSESSED with Disneyland, but not for the Matterhorn: for its attention to detail. He has even been known to take his team to Disney to actually witness their cleaning crew appear as if from nowhere to pick up even the smallest piece of litter that dare touch the Disney cement. It isn’t the devil in the details – everything is in the details.

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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  1. You forgot his opinion of the Dodgers.

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