What Is In a Day?

Abbie had a great blog post yesterday about there being a day for everything.
And… there really is a day for everything and some great ones! I love using these random days and national holidays to tie into our clients’ public relations and digital communications plans as well!
I thought it would be fun to get to know the HMA team a little better and see what our favorite days are!

What are team HMA’s favorite days?

Alison – August 13: Left-Handers Day
Bre – March 14: Pi Day, of course! (It’s her birthday)
Abbie – March 23, Puppy Day
Scott – Opening Day of baseball (every year)!
And mine is October 1: International Coffee Day (too bad it isn’t international Starbucks coffee day)
I would love to know what your favorite day is! Take a look at this list and pick your favorite!

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at Mar 29, 2018

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