Creative Trends for 2024

2024 is almost here and if you might be looking for some inspiration for the visual content that you create, Adobe is here just in time to share some of the creative trends to keep our eye on and utilize in our work next year.

Calming Rhythms is one trend chosen for next year that is categorized for its abstract and repetitive nature. This aesthetic is being utilized more in online content as well as in physical spaces for its soothing, flowing feel.

Another visual trend picked by Adobe is Wonder and Joy, which illustrates whimsy and imagination. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, generating new visual content and entire worlds that fit this trend has become much more accessible. Expect many brands to embrace this, especially in their video content.

Dynamic Dimensions was also chosen as a trend as it draws inspiration from 2D and 3D elements that come together to create visually powerful experiences in videos, music, and art. This is inspired by the rise of VR and AR technology as it continues to evolve.

Lastly, we all know nostalgia as an impactful marketing tactic, but visually The New Nostalgia trend picked by Adobe re-imagines past styles and time periods and brings them to present day with a modern twist. This has also been aided by the ease of AI generation.

In our work, visuals are important and help power storytelling on all its mediums. Whether you are using video content, a custom infographic or original photography, think about how visuals can enhance the stories that you want to tell as you craft your campaign and pitch media to share the news

Will you be utilizing calming, dynamic, joyful or nostalgic elements in your marketing in 2024? Give it a try!

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at Dec 13, 2023

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