How VR Could Change PR

With Facebook recently changing its corporate name to Meta, the social media company has its sights set on expanding beyond just your smart phone by making virtual reality (VR) a key part of the company strategy. VR is the use of technology to create simulated environments and is most often utilized for video games or educational purposes. With VR making an impact across multiple sectors, how can this impact PR practices?

The Future of Meetings

VR could be the future of business meetings as a number of apps have recently introduced VR meeting rooms where employees can gather and have regular discussions. While these VR meetings are held remotely, they offer an immersive visual that makes you feel like you are all in the same place. Aside from just meetings, VR conferences have appeared that offer full experiences from your home. It will be interesting to see how VR meeting spaces evolve and if they could become a pillar in future workplace culture.

Revolutionized Video Content

As PR people, it is our job to tell stories for clients in fresh ways. VR can open new doors for story telling opportunities especially when it comes to video content. A perfect example of using VR for video content is a 360 tour of a museum or a school.

Changing How We Pitch

PR pros are always looking to elevate their pitches and captivate audiences instantly. Instead of just traditional photos and videos, VR content can make a great addition to your pitch that will take it to the next level. In the future, you could be sending VR footage in your daily pitches.

Will you try using VR technology for your business or a client?

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at Nov 4, 2021

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