Continuing Education Is Always a Good Thing

There was a rather lively debate on LinkedIn the other day about whether or not there was any value in getting a PR master’s degree if you work in communications/public relations.  Those who thought it was a waste of time and money said they did not feel that it would benefit them in their job search or provide them with advancement opportunities.  Those who thought it valuable had personal stories to share about how they felt their advanced degree was beneficial.

I have a master’s degree in mass communications. I was about five years into my career and there were a couple of things that I felt I wanted to learn more about. I took one class and that led to another and another. And eventually, six years later (taking one class at a time and summer school) I got my degree.

I did it for myself. And yes, I was rewarded for the effort with increased responsibility and increased pay.

Over the years, I have continued my education through conferences, reading industry journals, books and blogs, listening to podcasts and participating in webinars.

With a master’s degree I have been able to serve as an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University and Phoenix College and as a contributing writer for a marketing textbook at Grand Canyon University.

As an agency owner, I encourage my team to invest in their professional development, we offer a stiped for them to do so, whether through an advanced degree or through other means.

You may not need a PR master’s degree to advance in this industry. But, in my view, continuing education is never a waste of time.

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at Jun 13, 2024

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