Content Marketing Metrics to Measure

Content marketing can add value to your business while appealing to targeted audiences. If you want to make content marketing a part of your communications strategy in any form, there are a few key metrics to monitor that will help aid your efforts and measure success.

Web Traffic

In order to target specific audiences and build awareness, first seek out where website visitors are coming from. By monitoring web traffic sources, you can discover where the best places are to produce content and what type of content you should be creating. Some possible sources for your web traffic include your social media pages, paid ads, email or Google searches.

Conversion Rate

Whether your idea of conversion is a customer purchasing a product or a web visitor signing up for a newsletter, conversion rate is an important metric to keep an eye on. A high conversion rate proves that the content you create has paid off and the audiences you target are interested in taking action.

Shares and Backlinks

These two metrics are huge ways to measure your awareness and the impact of your content. Social media shares show that your content is relevant and interesting to audiences while backlinks boost your value and improve your SEO.


While it may seem small, a viewer praising your business with a comment on your social media is a true sign of engagement. Be sure to regularly look at the comments your content receives and don’t be afraid to acknowledge them.

Content marketing can transform your business through podcasts, newsletters, video and more if you focus on the key metrics that matter. Click here to find out how we can help!

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at Aug 4, 2022

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