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January 15, 2019
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Have you ever walked around with something in your teeth all day, smiling ever so brightly at everyone you pass? It's beyond humiliating — and, sadly, there's a verbal equivalent.

I’m talking about mispronounced sayings.   Alison wrote about these sayings a few years ago.

For example, saying it’s a “doggy-dog world” instead of a “dog-eat- dog world” or using “intensive purposes” instead of “intents and purposes.”  Some other common ones include “beckon call” instead of “beck and call” and telling someone “they have another thing coming” as opposed to “they have another think coming.”

And then there are those that I have been guilty of using.

Go on, have a laugh.

Correct:  Jet Lag

What I said:  Jet Leg

  • Why it made sense to me: your legs get so crammed from those tiny airplane seats and it just makes you feel tired and out of sorts after a long day of traveling

Correct:  Whiplash

What I said:  Whip Flash

  • Why it made sense to me: your head gets jerked so hard that you get a flash before your eyes

Correct: Mint Condition

What I said: Mid Condition

  • Why it made sense to me: it’s not in the very best shape, but it’s also not terrible. Right in the middle, aka mid

Correct: Grave Danger

What I said:  Great Danger

  • Why it made sense to me: someone is in a great deal of trouble

Correct: Play it by Ear

What I said:  Play it by Year

  • Why it made sense to me: I think it has to do with “year” being a reference to time

Correct: Tupperware

What I said:  Tuberware

  • Why it made sense to me: Hello! They are like little tubs.

Correct: Hunger Pangs

What I said:  Hunger Pains

  • Why it made sense to me: have you ever been really, really hungry? It hurts!

Correct: Stunt Double

What I said:  Stunt Devil

  • Why it made sense to me: due to being a daredevil


What can I say; it happens to the best of us! And it’s a pretty solid reminder to pick up a book once in a while.

Dare to share your own mispronunciations?

Kelsey Makings
Kelsey Makings
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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