CrossPointe Schools Online, Gilbert Unified School District Suit Dismissed; District Regrets its Actions and Allegations on all Fronts

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October 30, 2014
October 30, 2014


CrossPointe Schools Online, software solutions and services created specifically for schools and school districts, announces that the United States District Court of Arizona has entered an Order dismissing the claims and counterclaims in a lawsuit filed by the Gilbert Unified School District (AZ Unified School District No. 41) against both CrossPointe LLC and its president, Joan Keebler.

“While no one ever likes to be a part of any lawsuit, we are ultimately happy with the dismissal and look forward to putting it behind us,” said Keebler. “Now, both we and the District can focus on what is most important to both of us – ensuring that our youth have access to the best education, and best educational tools, possible. That’s what really matters to us all.”

The District did make note on record it regretted any allegations made against Keebler during the lawsuit.

“Today is a new day, and I am as ready as the District to build new bridges and look forward,” said Keebler. “I accept their apology and am pleased they did comment that they successfully used our product for three school years.”

She adds that all issues have been confirmed to be district-related and had nothing to do with the company, its products, services or leadership.

Currently being successfully used by thousands of administrators and millions of students in several states, including Florida, Indiana, New York and Oklahoma, CrossPointe is a leading software developer and service provider for schools and school districts. By offering one-of-a-kind systems for student records, human resources, financial information, facilities management, state reporting and much more online, CrossPointe has successfully integrated into education portals nationwide for almost 25 years.

“Scalable, secure and reliable, our application suite can be delivered by local deployment or via remote hosting, which has helped us to keep our costs down and product quality high for nearly three decades,” said Keebler.

Citing court documents, the District and CrossPointe jointly provided the following additional statements regarding the case:

Gilbert Unified School District No. 41 and CrossPointe, LLC have successfully resolved their contractual differences.  Both parties are pleased with the outcome.  The District purchased CrossPointe’s student information system in 2008 and used the system for two full school years and part of a third.  During this time, CrossPointe successfully converted the District’s existing data, implemented significant parts of the system, and trained District staff.  CrossPointe also provided appropriate management and customization services.

The parties have now determined that problems with the State of Arizona’s student information reporting system – which were beyond the parties’ control – caused or contributed to the parties’ legal dispute.  The District also changed information-technology personnel during implementation.  Further, unprecedented District growth adversely affected the District’s capacity to staff CrossPointe’s implementation of the new system.  In turn, this delayed CrossPointe’s work and caused many of the problems that led to the parties’ dispute.

These circumstances have come into clearer focus as the parties worked together to resolve their differences.  As a result, the District agreed to fully compensate CrossPointe under the Master License Agreement for two school years for CrossPointe’s services implementing the system, custom programming at the District’s requests, and training District personnel.  The District has also rescinded its termination of the parties’ contract for cause and recharacterized the termination as one for the District’s convenience.

According to CrossPointe’s legal counsel, no refunds have been made or need be made by CrossPointe to the District as part of the resolution of the lawsuit.

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