Why I choose to shop local (and you should to)

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July 24, 2019
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Supporting your local communities with your time and money can have a big impact on economic development.  When buying local, you’re circulating money back into your own neighborhood.

There is also less confusion as to what preservatives and pesticides all mean for you and your health. A great place to start out consuming locally sourced products is to visit your local farmers market.  The best part is that supporting your local communities is a fun and mutually beneficial endeavor.

No matter where you come from or plan on going, here are three reasons why I chose to shop local:

  1. The produce at your farmers market is grown to be consumed by the local community, making it free of preservatives. There is a shorter amount of time between when the produce is harvested and when it is being served which means that the produce is more nutritious than the ones that have been imported.  Think of how long items are sitting in a truck or warehouse.
  2. Not only is supporting your local farmers more nutritious for you, it is also cleaner for the environment. Many fan favorites like strawberries, apples and spinach are at the top of the list for having high levels of pesticide-residue.  Importing these items via truck and plane can increase your carbon footprint.  Reducing the travel distance and timeliness of our food can improve air quality and decrease pollution.
  3. Buying directly from the people in your community cuts out the middle man, allowing you to form a relationship with the grower of your food. Whether you know them or not, these products are being made and grown by you neighbors. Any questions you have about how your food is grown or the best ways to prepare it can be answered directly by the grower themselves. These small business owners want to provide you and the rest of your neighbors with affordable, better tasting and sustainable produce.
Marissa Baker
Marissa Baker
Native to Phoenix, Marissa has recently moved back to continue her career in communication. On the weekends you can find her in the first row at a concert, or exploring hiking trails.


  1. Marissa – couldn’t agree more. I’m also an avid reader, so I buy books at my independent bookstore, support the independent hardware store in our neighborhood (instead of the big chain), support chef-driven local restaurants and buy my liquor locally as well. Not only does it support economic development, it makes for a more diverse and interesting community. Cheers, David

  2. Woodrow Platt says:

    I will go to farmers market now

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