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“I Have a Facebook Page, Now What?” – an eBook Report

 |  Dec 8, 2011

For this month’s book report, I read an ebook Abbie referred called “I Have a Facebook Page, Now What?” from the folks at Having Facebook in the title was what originally got my attention, but the more I read, the more I realized how much this book can really help people who are administering […]


#MediaMonday – Tyler Bassett

 |  July 25, 2011

Each Monday, we are posting a blog to help our readers get to know the media just a little bit better. With a TWIST! No, we aren’t posting story pitch tips or media lists, but instead great stories from the media themselves about their lives, their work and other little known facts! Think of it […]


#MediaMonday – Andi Barness

 |  June 20, 2011

Today’s #Media Monday is a video blog that takes us behind the scenes of ABC 15’s Sonoran Living, as we chat with host and Doozy of a Deal owner, Andi Barness. Stephanie and I also got the opportunity to participate in the show by being audience members.  Click here for Andi’s video blog. Thanks Abbie […]


Book Club – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

 |  Apr 21, 2011

So it is my turn to review a book for the HMA book club. Stopped into Abbie’s office – she has a ton of books. She suggested The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, a book about starting your own business. The author, Mike Michalowicz, is speaking at the upcoming Counselors Academy conference that she is chairing and […]