“I Have a Facebook Page, Now What?” – an eBook Report

For this month’s book report, I read an ebook Abbie referred called “I Have a Facebook Page, Now What?” from the folks at sayingitsocial.com. Having Facebook in the title was what originally got my attention, but the more I read, the more I realized how much this book can really help people who are administering Facebook pages for their business or organization. The book suggests several tips on how to increase exposure and gain traffic to and through your fan page on Facebook. Here are some of my favorites:

• Add your business Facebook url to your email signature and all newsletters.
• For your “out-of-office” replies and voicemail message, add a reminder that you can also be reached by Facebook. Remind them that this is also another gateway to learn more about your business.
• Include Facebook url on business cards.
• Mention your Facebook page as a resource to anyone you talk to on the phone.
• Add the Facebook url to all product packaging and promotional products.

Need ideas on what to post to keep fans interested in your business? “Getting Liked on Facebook” has those covered, too.

• Make your posts interesting enough that people will take action on them and by doing so will increase page exposure. Posts with a lot of action tend to appear on everyone’s newsfeed.
• Use the question app.
• Post interesting links that pertain to your audience and ask a corresponding question
• People love to laugh, so posting funny videos is always a hit.
• Photo caption contests allow fans to be creative while interacting with your page.
• Like and comment on other pages as your business’ Facebook page to increase exposure.
• Share posts from other business pages.
• Use Facebook insights to see which posts are generating the most feedback. Here you will also be able to tell the days and times that get the most attention.
• Also, there is nothing wrong with emulating another Facebook page that you deem as being successful, but be sure to keep the content relevant to your specific audience.

What other tactics are you using to market your Facebook presence?

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at Dec 8, 2011

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