Are You Optimizing Your News for SEO?

News releases are an important way for your business to make newsworthy announcements and then paired with good SEO choices, your news release can have a better chance at success and public attention online.


Keywords make a big difference in your news release by spreading the messaging of your business, but keywords are important online as well and they could improve your chances of showing up higher on search engines. There are several keyword databases online that can help guide you and introduce trending words that you might want to consider including in your copy.

If you are writing press releases, blog posts, social media copy and more, keep in mind to make your content relevant to what people are searching online for more effectiveness. Also, don’t be afraid to hyperlink your keywords with valuable backlinks or bold them to stand out even more and take readers to different sources.

Start Strong

The first 250 words of your press release should grab readers’ attention and answer initial questions on the news by covering the five W’s: who, where, what, when and why. This will not only be the best practice for your readers, but for SEO as well.

Include An Image or Two

Visuals are an important element, and a relevant high-resolution image should always accompany your news release. If you want to read more on the value of images and the best tips for taking photos for marketing or media opportunities today, check out this blog post.


At the end of the day, content that is compelling and newsworthy will stand out. Search for an angle of relevance to your news and make sure it is something readers will want to know before you announce it.

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at Mar 17, 2023

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