Are You Creating Landing Pages?

In digital marketing, landing pages are webpages on your site that were created specifically for a marketing campaign. These pages can offer benefits to not just your PR strategy, but the overall user experience for visitors of your website. But how can landing pages be a good addition to your next campaign and what should you be including on them?

In many cases, information on a specific newsworthy event can be too much to be shared on a news release or you may want to include a visual element with your news as well – this is where a landing page can come in. Landing pages can give you the opportunity to introduce more visuals, like graphics and videos, to your readers. This landing page can also act as a virtual media kit for reporters, allowing them to access all the resources needed for your story.

If you want to introduce a landing page to yours or a client’s site for a future campaign, it is important to make sure you have the essentials. Clear headlines, a call to action, an inbound link or two and social sharing buttons are musts to include on your landing page. As opposed to the homepage of your website, a landing page is likely to have just the essentials for the campaign it was created for.

Whether you want to get your story in the news, raise money for a specific fundraiser or convert your visitors into business leads, a landing page can be a great supplement to your PR efforts.

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

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at Jan 27, 2022

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