Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

At our staff meeting this week we reported in on what is happening with our clients.  And for the first time in more than a year, we are starting to have face-to-face meetings again. And there are quite a few in-person networking events coming up as well.

This is great news. And it also reminded us that we will need business cards. Since we sold our office space in November, our current cards are obsolete – But thanks to Autumn and her CANVA skills, we are all carrying updated business cards.

Here at HMA, we see the value of having printed business cards.  In addition to sharing important contact details, a business card is a great place to jot down a few notes to remember your conversations.

Since the last time we printed our business cards, we redesigned our website and started our podcast, Copper State of Mind. It was time for a refresh and we’re ready to get out there again.

Now on to the next meeting!

Photo courtesy of Marissa Baker

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at Jun 2, 2021

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