Are Award Programs Just a Vanity Play?

Among the more tactical strategies that we offer clients here at HMA Public Relations is the preparation and submission of award nominations.

Everything from “most admired,”  “most influential,” “top 10” and the like all hit our radar as opportunities for consideration.  Some are sponsored by media outlets, others are recognition programs from community and civic organizations.  Done correctly, these awards not only serve to generate recognition amongst your peers in the business community but can also highlight key employees and programs.  Furthermore, information gleaned from developing these submissions, often times, is re-purposed for other marketing communications needs such as earned media or digital content.

But are they just a vanity play?  Is the amount of time spent developing the submission, ensuring its accuracy and preparing the submission really worth it.

To us, the answer is a resounding YES, BUT.  Yes it is definitely worth the time and energy, but you need the buy-in from your client or organization to give you access to what you need to create an award-winning submission.

What kind of information do you need?

  • Numbers, numbers and numbers. This can run the gamut from most recent financial statements, number of employees, diversity representation in executive leadership, cost of doing business, etc.  If you’re not willing to share, then you might not be ready to submit for certain awards.
  • A good story. This is true whether you are submitting an individual for a 40 Under 40 or an organization for Corporate Excellence.  A compelling story that demonstrates as much about who you are as what you do will go a long way with those that are evaluating the nominations.
  • There is no point in entering if you are not available for what comes next.  Make note of the award recognition event that is likely to occur to honor the recipients.  Will your leadership be available attend? That might mean purchasing a few tickets (or even a table) so make sure you have the budget for that as well.

And whether or not you are selected for the honor or recognition, it really is an honor to be nominated.  Depending on the program, there are often multiple recipients.  You’ll be in good company so take advantage of those contacts to build your network.

And the winner is….. if you need help developing your award nominations program, reach out, we’d love to talk to you about how award programs can benefit your business.

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at Dec 9, 2022

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