The Associated Press updates on race-related coverage

Every year, Associated Press (AP) releases an updated version of the AP Stylebook to standardize grammar style in communication. The 2019 version I use (which is way thicker than Jennifer’s 1996 copy) has an extensive entry on race-related coverage.

As the definitive guide and gold standard for newswriting, the Associated Press has been researching and discussing this section for more than two years with colleagues and respected thinkers from a diversity of backgrounds.

Amid the most recent discussions surrounding racial injustice, the AP Stylebook has updated the section once again, this time capitalizing Black and Indigenous as it relates to race, culture and ethnicity.

This move sets the bar for authentic action against racial injustice by taking into consideration what industry leaders say about the matter and editing outdated or unfair rules – even if it is as simple as updating the grammar.

The AP is continuing its due diligence on the matter of race and will consider capitalizing the term “white” as well. AP will spend the next month deliberating the implications before making any decisions.

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at Jun 24, 2020

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