You’re Hiring! Now What?

While I was scrolling through the various e-newsletters I subscribe to, one that caught my attention was a job opening for an executive director position at an arts and culture organization. A recent article from the Phoenix Business Journal shows that the tech industry in Arizona has a great need for experienced techies.

As businesses return to more normal operations, they are looking to hire more people. Many companies that are hiring promote open positions by joining a job fair, or even creating their own. But sometimes the former doesn’t lead to the results you need. So how can you be sure you are targeting the right audience during recruitment?

Many of our clients are currently hiring and we recently worked on a statewide job fair for Unmet Jobs. A major part of our duty in public relations is to be strategic about who we are reaching out to with what information. The first step in doing so would be to identify your ideal employee and targeting that person in all your recruitment efforts.

Here are some ways that our clients have found success in filling open job positions:

  1. Internal

Nobody knows your company better than the people who work for you. If you have job openings, consider promoting from within. This demonstrates a commitment to your current team who are already dedicated to your mission.

  1. The Media

Even before the pandemic, media outlets were promoting businesses that were expanding and looking to hire.  This earned media opportunity gives your company additional credibility and gets information out to those that may be interested in applying.

  1. Social Media and Newsletters

Creating content for social media may be one of the fastest ways to share the news about job openings within your organization. There are some guidelines that need to be followed when doing sponsored content so be sure to check with each platform.

  1. Job Board Websites

LinkedIn, Monster, Career Builder, Indeed and even the Google homepage when searching for “jobs” is a no-brainer when it comes to posting open positions. If your industry is more niche, search for job boards that are directly related to your industry. This may also help you filter down your search to the most skilled people for the position, even if they are not geographically close.


Photo courtesy of Image by Cari Dobbins from Pixabay

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at Jul 23, 2021

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