Too young for business cards?

A few weeks ago, Abbie and I were headed to a client meeting and ended up having a discussion about business cards after she double checked to make sure I was bringing some with me.

This discussion turned into us talking about how important business cards and letterheads once were and still are, but with  smart phones and LinkedIn they tend to take a backseat for today’s generation. While I agree, since I never listened to my professors in college when they told us to get business cards made, I did tell Abbie about the time I decided to make my own business cards when I was about 6 years old.

My grandparents own a company back in my hometown and growing up I spent a lot of time at their office. I spent so much time there that I had my own desk with a computer and phone, and I even added my name to the door with the title “president” (which is still there today).
Being the ambitious child that I was, I got the bright idea that I needed my own business cards because I couldn’t be a part of a business with no business cards. Like most grandparents, mine spoiled me and went along with any idea that I had so when I decided to make business cards they supported my idea.

I remember designing three different business cards on the American Girl website, printing them and then my grandma buying me laminated sheets, so I could be make the plain printer paper more “official.”

Back then I wanted to be a lawyer, so as you can see in the photo I was ready for business and even said you could “locat” (I promise I know how to spell “locate” now) me at my mom’s landline phone number.

I’d be lying if I said that getting my HMA business cards on my first day didn’t make me feel more “official” like my old homemade ones, but the bigger picture is that business cards still make a lasting memory after you depart from meeting someone new and of course they always make you feel more official.

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at Sep 19, 2019

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