How to Write a Winning Award Nomination

Among our more tactical service offerings at HMA is the preparation and submission of award nominations on behalf of our clients. Over the years, we’ve found the most successful nominations have a few things in common.

Among them:

  • Neither regurgitate the website content nor copy/ paste the boilerplate of the organization and expect to win.
  • Encourage the brand’s leaders to take an active role in the nomination. Ask to sit down with them or meet virtually and interview them about the nomination. Use information gleaned from these meetings to showcase the passion and innovation of said business.
  • Tell a story. Paint a picture. Put yourself in the judges’ shoes. They are probably reading hundreds of submissions. Give them something interesting to read by telling stories and painting a picture of the brand versus simply using bullets or yes/no answers to nomination questions.
  • Arrange a call or meeting with the presenting organization. Often, the organizer of the event is willing to talk through the nomination with you to ensure all parties are on the same page. This is especially effective when nomination questions are general or a bit vague in order to allow multiple industries to submit.
  • If the award is being judged by the media (as many industry awards are), use the nomination as a means to connect with them about all of the “wow” elements of the brand for future stories.
  • If there is an “additional information” section, have some fun with it and share some of the more interesting, charitable or innovative things about the brand or business.
  • Work smarter not harder. Think of the nomination for any award as a chance to story mine the brand or client for profile and pitch ideas; use the best elements of the nomination in speeches or presentations; offer the materials up for new business development or incorporate into social media and web channels. Good information is good information – find ways to use it beyond the one submission.

What are the awards you covet in your market? Let HMA help guide your brand to a win. for more.

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at Sep 16, 2020

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