Why You Want Your Public Relations Team at the Table

“Wow that company has a real PR problem on their hands.”

I’ve seen/heard that statement many times over the course of my career.  But in almost every case the problem BECAME a PR problem because something operationally broke down.  And perhaps, if the communications team had been involved in helping make some of these decisions, maybe just maybe, it wouldn’t have become a PR problem.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with many small business owners, CEOs of large organizations, executive directors of nonprofits and elected officials. In fact, we make it a priority to have access to these leaders early on in our communications planning and implementation strategies.  We know we can be better counselors and advisors to our clients when we have a complete understanding of the organization’s short-term and long-term goals.

It can be difficult and even uncomfortable at times for these leaders to open up and share their plans.  We see as part of our responsibilities to challenge decisions, offer different perspectives, perhaps even offering another way to do something.

Your public relations team comes to the table with the ability to understand and speak with and to your many stakeholders. Bring us in early and often.  Listen in to this week’s Copper State of Mind podcast to hear more on the subject.


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at Jun 9, 2021

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