Why You Need an Effective Social Media Strategy

At HMA, we stress the importance of staying consistent in your brand’s messaging in all communications that go out to the media, but we also echo this message to our clients when it comes to their social media channels.

When strategizing with clients, I have often heard Abbie explain that social media should be included in your communication plans and looked at as an extension of any other efforts that you have going on. Social media has the power to reach a larger audience and turn followers into loyal supporters of your brand and messaging, but it takes a strategic plan to create content that will engage your audience.

According to Sprout Social, you should begin by identifying and setting goals for the content you are creating. At HMA, we would also recommend performing a communications audit and analyzing your analytics first to see what is working in your current strategy and what may need some adjusting.

After performing an audit and identifying your goals, you can begin planning social content that will align with your goals and scheduling it at various times that your followers will be most active on your social channels.

Lastly, don’t forget to measure the results of your strategy. Keeping track of your metrics every month will allow you to see what is performing well with your audience and what may need to be tweaked to reach maximum success over time.

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at Mar 18, 2021

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