Why I Say Yes to Speaking to College Classes

For as long as I can remember, I have been asked to speak to public relations and journalism students. When I first graduated and would be invited to speak, the conversations were typically about how I got my start, and what it was like to (finally) be out in the workforce.

Now when I meet with students, the “how I got my start” has evolved to how they can get their first start.  The “what’s it like to be out in the workforce” has evolved into the changing landscape of today’s workplace.

But no matter the topic, I always say yes.

I remember when I was in my last semester at the Cronkite School at ASU, guest speakers would come to class. I was always so grateful that they would take the time to meet with us and share their insights.  I got involved with the Public Relations Student Society of America and had the chance to interact with even more professionals.

Some of those professionals were an important part of my career path.  Some of them still are.

And you know what?  Some of the students were an important part of my career path as well.  Because you just never know how a relationship will evolve.

So as long as I have time in my schedule, I will always say yes to speaking to college classes.

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at Feb 23, 2022

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