Why Does Sound Matter in an Interview?

In 2020, our team updated its media training program to include tips and tricks for virtual interviews.

Among Abbie’s best advice during these media training sessions is her section on sound. She asserts that when doing a virtual interview, ensure you are in a quiet space far from pets; windows that let in uncontrolled outside noise (my garbage collector, for example, comes three times a week outside my window and it BELLOWS); office sounds (especially in the age of open floorplans); and so on.

This is an extension of the advice she always gives for more traditional interviews, especially those on location at an event, concert, launch or press conference. Mitigating unwanted noise is critical.

How much?

Sound can make or break a moment and a story.

Case in point: Take a look here at how the iconic dance in Dirty Dancing would change if the background sound was different.

[Break for laughter and time to replay it a few times as I did.]

You can know your message points front and back. You can ensure visuals that pop. You can dress to impress. But if you don’t ensure small elements like this are controlled, the result will be very different from your goal.

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at Jun 10, 2022

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