Why Consistency is Important for Integrated Marketing Success

With so many platforms available to share your story, relaying the message behind your cause in a direct, concise and clear manner across every channel isn’t always easy. If you want to prevent your brand messages from getting lost in the paid, earned and owned media mix, integrated marketing could be the solution.

The main component of an integrated marketing strategy is its consistency as this approach seeks to help build a deep knowledge of a brand within audiences by remaining the same in message across all media platforms. Even if consumers are already aware of your brand, integrated marketing is a powerful way to keep it going.

This approach means using uniform brand language and tone in all places including your social media captions, website copy, news releases, media interviews and more. And for visuals, integrated marketing demands consistent brand colors, marketing photos and logos on everything you create.

Integrated marketing also opens doors for collaboration as marketing, public relations and advertising, and digital and SEO strategists work together to focus their content into one cause. Whether it’s a display ad, a piece of mail, an online news story or a landing page on a website, consistent campaigns will lead everyone to one place to drive your message.

If you think integrated strategies are a good fit for your business, consider the benefits of repurposing your content on other channels to get the most use and to further communicate your message. This could be sharing blog posts on your social media pages in a shorter format or using an infographic on all channels to share key data points.

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at Sep 1, 2023

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