Where Can I Secure a Bylined Article?

As we’ve touched on prior, a bylined article is a valuable tactic in your PR toolkit, especially if seeking to elevate your client, brand or business as a thought leader on a particular topic or issue.

But, once you have a byline written, what happens next? How does it go from Word Document to getting published?

There are several avenues in which a bylined article might be published.

Many folks likely first think about the local or regional newspaper. And while certainly a good fit for some topics, given the editorial staff, beat writers and op-ed sections already in place, we would like to suggest some alternative ideas:

Hyperlocal Traditional Media

Where is your business located? Where does the author live? Chances are, there are hyperlocal media outlets for one – if not both – categories. And each likely take bylined article submissions from local experts. This is the chance to build a bridge in specific communities and a connection between the author, topic and a specific area while still getting a solid placement. Many hyperlocal outlets also have an online presence, so be sure to ask if a particular story may also be a fit for the online space.

User Generated Media

There are websites out there seeking content. Some are aggregation sites, while others allow you to create a log-in and password so you may submit content regularly. Seek these out and test them to see if they are a good fit for your needs.


A well-written bylined article is quite easy to transform into talking points for a television or radio interview. Once written, consider repackaging into a broadcast pitch, complete with built-in questions and answers thanks to the material already done.


If you regularly send out communications to your staff and/or target audience, don’t forget to utilize great bylined articles as content for your e-marketing program.

Your Own Digital Channels

Similarly, if you have a blog, consider repurposing the content and posting it here as well. Going beyond this, work with your team to develop great graphics and video in line with the topic and message to use on various digital platforms, from Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn. And make it all shareable.

For help in developing and placing bylined articles – and placing them – as part of an overarching marketing communications strategy, please reach out to HMA Public Relations today.

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at Jun 8, 2021

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