Where Are Arizonans Coming From?

Arizona has proven itself to be attractive for both domestic and international business relocations to the Grand Canyon State.

New businesses mean new residents.

From a domestic standpoint, Californians are moving to Arizona more than from any other state.  And we know that Pinal County is where most of them are now calling home.

Our membership in the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) always has our radar up for international trends, as well, whether its local businesses expanding outside the U.S. or foreign companies doing business here.

It also helps us stay abreast of other related trends and understand our market better, such as where Arizona’s 7.3 million residents lived before they moved here.

The Arizona Republic has reported that about 922,000 Arizona residents, or 12.7 percent, were born outside the U.S.

Of that group, nearly 500,000 were born in Mexico.  After that, the next highest number, about 43,000, came from India.

U.S. Census Bureau estimates show the top 10 birthplaces for Arizonans born in other countries to be:

  1. Mexico – 495,000
  2. India – 43,000
  3. Canada – 40,000
  4. Philippines – 30,000
  5. China – 22,000
  6. Vietnam – 19,000
  7. Guatemala – 15,000
  8. Germany – 14,000
  9. South Korea – 10,000
  10. El Salvador – 10,000

Knowing our market inside and out is key to ensuring our clients have access to the best communications counsel available. Feel free to contact us should you want to talk further about any communications needs you may have – both domestically and internationally.

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at Oct 10, 2023

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