When Networking Goes Global

There is no denying the value in having relationships, both personal and professional, that you can tap in to for knowledge and expertise, share resources and responsibilities, or to grab a drink and discuss the news of the day.

Our agency is a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network. PRGN is comprised of best-in-class agencies around the world, all independently owned and operated.  Whether we need to refer business or ask for support in a market, these are the folks we turn to.

We host a podcast, too, give it a listen, PRGN Presents.

Please check out PRGN to learn more about our member firms:

Adverum – Vilnius, Lithuania

accelent communications – Vienna, Austria

Alexander PR – Auckland, New Zealand

Aristo Communications – Istanbul, Turkey

Athenora Consulting – Brussels, Belgium

Bianchi Public Relations, Inc. – Detroit, Michigan (USA)

Buchanan Public Relations – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Cabinet Privé de Conseils, S.A. – Geneva & Bern, Switzerland

The Castle Group – Atlanta, Georgia & Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Coast Communications – Stockholm, Sweden

cometis AG – Wiesbaden, Germany

Cullen Communications – Dublin, Ireland

Currie – Melbourne, Australia

Eje Comunicación – Mexico City, Mexico

Evident P.R. – Amersfoort, Netherlands

Fearey – Seattle, Washington (USA)

Free Communication – Bucharest, Romania

Ghidotti – Little Rock, Arkansas (USA)

Global. – Lisbon, Portugal

Goodwill Communications – Budapest, Hungary

HMA Public Relations – Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

The Hoyt Organization, Inc. – Greater Los Angeles Area, California (USA)

HWB Communications – Cape Town, South Africa

IDENTIA / PR – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Industrie-Contact – Hamburg, Germany

WE agency – Paris, France

Three Box Strategic Communications – Dallas, Texas (USA)

Integrate Communications – Tokyo, Japan

KAMIR – Tel Aviv, Israel

Kreps PR & Marketing – Fort Lauderdale, Miami & West Palm Beach, Florida (USA)

L.C. Williams & Associates – Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Landis Communications Inc. (LCI) – San Francisco & Silicon Valley, California (USA)

LBS Communications Consulting Ltd – Hong Kong, China

Media Profile Inc. – Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Mileage Communications – Singapore

NettResults Middle East – Abu Dhabi & Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jeddah & Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Novitas Communications – Denver, Colorado (USA)

OneMulti – Warsaw, Poland

Peritus PR – Birmingham, Alabama (USA)

Perspective Strategies – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PRGarage – Madrid, Spain

Prichard Communications – Portland, Oregon (USA)

Race Communications – Goiás, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Brazil

REED Public Relations – Nashville, Tennessee (USA)

ROOP & CO. – Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

RumboCierto Comunicaciones – Santiago de Chile, Chile

S&A Communications – Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (USA)

Scandinavian Communications – Copenhagen, Denmark

Sound Public Relations – Milan, Italy

Southard Communications – New York City, New York (USA)

Spider – London, UK

Two Cents – Brussels, Belgium

Xenophon Strategies, Inc. – Washington, DC (USA)

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at Mar 2, 2023

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