What’s Your Story?

I’ve just returned from another thought-provoking PRSA Counselors Academy Conference.  I’ve written here many times about the value I get from these conferences and this year did not disappoint.  There was record attendance this year, including nearly 70 people attending for the first time.  What this tells me is that business is good for the profession and that as owners and managers we are continuing to value our own professional development as we grow our businesses and cultivate our teams.

Our opening session on Monday morning was led by Cindy Atlee of the Storybranding Group.  Cindy works with organizations’ leaders to define and give voice to what’s best and most distinctive about them.  She helps them use that information to create not only their brand story, but to inspire their culture and their teams.

She led us through an exercise designed to get us to discover who we are at our absolute best.  Based on the proprietary tool called the Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey, we partnered up and discussed four key tasks of a leader – making things work, getting results, working with others, and learning and adapting.  Our goal was to self-identify certain characteristics in our leadership style and how these fundamental elements can help us develop our personal and professional story.

Many of us have probably taken the Meyers-Briggs or the DISC personality tests in the past.  I have always found the results equally as helpful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses and in helping me know how to better relate to members of my team, colleagues and clients.   The storybranding survey netted out similar results.

So what’s my story? I’m a ruler, hero, lover and sage.

  • Ruler – a conductor who leads the way, makes decisions, uses resources wisely and effectively manages complexity
  • Hero – who is goal/mission focused, rises to the challenge and wants to make a difference
  • Lover – connects with others, shares a passion for enhancing the quality of life of others
  • Sage – finds insights and answers, gathers information and shares wisdom and truth

What is your story?

Photo Permission: Pearson 12-Archetype System.

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at May 12, 2017

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