#WhatisWednesday – What is the Value of Email Marketing?

When you receive hundreds of emails a day, how do you choose which ones to read?

Some days I look forward to the e-newsletters I get from my favorite brands and personal-development gurus. But many don’t live up to the subject line and end up in the trash. If this happens enough, I’ll even take the time to unsubscribe.

With 90% of the country’s buying power checking emails multiple times a day, your business can’t afford to be sending out email marketing materials that go directly to the trash.

So what makes for a quality email campaign? Just like sending a news release to the media, you need to have a clear and entertaining subject line followed by concise and informative copy. Whether you are sending out an offer or just updating your customers, consider the value you bring to their inbox.

This past week I got two e-newsletters about the effects of meditation. One went directly to the trash and the other inspired me to write this post. So what was really different about those two emails?

The one that ended up in the trash didn’t take into account who their target audience is that received it. The information was irrelevant.

The one that got my attention? The subject line was intriguing: “Mindf*ck Monday – The Dark Side of Meditation.” The email made some bold statements and encouraged me to read more.

While these two emails were on the same subject, the latter email came in with more depth and value. When drafting your next email, consider the perspective you are bringing to your subscribers.

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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at Mar 31, 2021

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