#WhatisWednesday – What is the Value of a Survey?

Each year, Statista collects information by surveying average American consumers on the types of gifts they are buying for the holidays. Brands that track these trends can take advantage of what items will be the most popular and in turn offer their own versions to consumers.

Surveys are a useful tactic that can help you get to know your audience better by determining what their values and needs are and capitalizing on those ideas. Survey results and statistics can also be incorporated into key messages and repurposed into infographics, blog posts and thought-leadership articles.

While these are a few examples of how you can use surveys externally, they also provide great insight and information when used internally with clients and their employees.

Getting feedback from your clients throughout the engagement is so important. It is through this feedback that you can adjust and make changes to the campaign, ensuring that you are achieving the intended results. This information helps the agency manage the expectations of a client and focus on delivering what is most important.

We regularly story mine our clients to learn more about them beyond what they do at the office.  Something similar can be said when story mining your employees; you will likely uncover things about your teams that will help you be a better manager.

Whether used internally or externally, surveys are a great tool to gather information that can be used for a variety of purposes.

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at Nov 3, 2021

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