#WhatisWednesday – What are the Common Mistakes of Social Media Strategy?

With this week’s #FacebookDown impacting social media strategy not only on Facebook but Instagram and WhatsApp, it reminds me what I’ve heard Abbie share with clients on a regular basis. Building a social strategy on one platform is not a good idea.  And this week’s outage is proof of that.

What are some other common mistakes to avoid when building your social media strategy?

Not Having a Plan

Not having a plan is the first mistake you can make when it comes to your social media strategy. Even if you choose not to monitor all the metrics of your social media performance, simply having a post plan and scheduling ahead of time can help you better navigate your social media journey and also create consistency. But don’t “set and forget” it either.  Even if you are using social media scheduling software, you still need to monitor and adjust on a regular basis.

Putting Quantity Over Quality

While it is great to stay active on your pages and engage with followers with what you post, posting more is not always better and can often cause burnout with not only you, but your followers as well. Know your audience – is five posts a week the right approach?  Perhaps one post per day on each platform is a good rule to follow. The bottomline is to be consistent on social media and not lose the connection with your audience.

Lacking a Voice

Sometimes social content can come across as unauthentic and robotic. It is important to share the content that matters to you and your team while also having some fun with it. If you post across multiple social medias, be sure to avoid simply copying and pasting your content from one social media to the next. What works on one platform may not be appropriate for another.

Followers also love to see who is behind your company and what you accomplish. Don’t be afraid to share photos of you and your team together at your next outing or the next award your team wins for their great work.

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at Oct 6, 2021

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