#WhatisWednesday – What is a new normal?

With restaurants and salons expecting to open in the next few days, we will likely see a frenzy of Arizonans dining out and getting the hair done.

This is good news for these establishments, but let’s not forget the importance of communicating with your customers that you are open and it is safe to come back.

How should you be communicating?  How much should you be sharing?

We always advise our clients that the more information that you can share the better.  What have you done to ensure that you are abiding by the social distancing guidelines?  Will you be limiting the number of customers you allow in the establishment?  Have you implemented stricter cleaning procedures?

Be sure that all of your employees understand what the new normal is for your establishment.  Prepare talking points so that there is consistency among all your team members and how they are talking to customers.

Monitor social media.  What are your customers saying or asking you on your social media channels?  Here again, be sure you have consistent responses online like you do in-person.

The answers to these questions on day one of re-opening will most likely change in the coming weeks.  Be sure you have a plan to reevaluate and make adjustments, not only to the safety procedures you’ve implemented but how you are communicating.

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at May 6, 2020

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