What To Do When You’re Stuck in a Writing Rut

As communication professionals, we’re tasked with various writing assignments from social media posts and blog content to news releases and bylined articles. Each piece of content we create should contain newsworthy information and be written in a creative and concise manner.

So, what happens when we, as storytellers, get writer’s block? The reasons are mostly psychological and can range from thinking you don’t have anything important to say to being a perfectionist. Here are a few tips to keep the creativity flowing.

PR Daily suggests allowing yourself to just write and not worry about editing.  This allows you to get your main ideas down on paper and then you can focus on grammar and syntax.

To this I would also add:

  1. Get your heart pumping

It may sound counter-intuitive to get up and exercise when you have a deadline quickly approaching, but the moment we get our bodies moving is when our brain starts to change. We are not thinking about the deadline or the content when our brain is activated in another pursuit. A few sets of jumping-jacks or push-ups will allow your brain to reset so you can focus on writing.

  1. Block out time

I do my best writing in the afternoon. When I have a few writing assignments lined up, I find it helpful to schedule the time on my calendar so I can focus my creativity into writing content. Turn off notifications and alerts and don’t answer (if possible) your emails for those couple hours so there is no temptation to get off track. If you have office mates, family members or roommates, hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your door so they don’t disturb your writing sessions.

  1. Change up your location

If you normally write in your office, try a new location. If you are at home, that might mean the kitchen or the backyard. If you are comfortable getting out and about, perhaps a coffee shop or a coworking space might be a good option. Changing up your scenery can help the creative juices flow.

We all fall victim to writer’s block every now and then. If it happens, try one of these options, you should be back in your writing grove in no time.

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at Jun 11, 2021

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