What Should Your Business Post on LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn might not receive as much attention on the digital marketing side as Facebook and Instagram, the social network provides numerous benefits for your business and can help you get noticed by other professionals.

In order to gauge your presence on LinkedIn and generate engagement, it all starts with content. Whether new or repurposed, the content you create is vital to your success and is where your potential lies. Some good ideas for what to post on your LinkedIn include company news highlighting important milestones, posts recognizing employees for their great work and informative blog posts on relevant topics. All of these are easily shareable and can stand out on the platform.

Additionally, LinkedIn content doesn’t have to be the responsibility of just one person. For your company page, all employees can join in on the content and share their thoughts on topics surrounding your industry. This also makes it easier for employees to share with their followers and in turn, receive more engagement on company posts.

Next time you post your newest content to social media, try including it on LinkedIn as well. Also, consider adding a hashtag or two! With consistent posting and a focus on good content, you are sure to see results.

As for us, we are always toying with social media strategy and looking to be a part of the fun. You can check out what we are doing and connect with us here.

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at Aug 17, 2021

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