What Should I Do at the End of an Interview?

Last year, I shared a little on the importance of pauses during interviews.


Many of us suffer from nerves, especially when in an interview or during a public speaking engagement. Without even thinking about it, we all have the tendency to naturally rattle on and on and on when nerves hit. During an interview, this can drive the conversation off course, or at its worst take the interview in a direction none of us wants it to go. Then, what was an opportunity to showcase your organization might very well turn into an issues management or crisis situation.

However, there is something else very important during an interview.

I like to call it the “do you have anything else to share” end of an interview.

If you have been in an interview you likely know what this is. At the close of an interview, the media member will often ask the spokesperson if they have anything else to share. All too often, or for fear of rattling on or because they feel put on the spot, the spokesperson says no, and that is the end of it.

However, there are several things we recommend doing instead:

  • Thank the reporter and ask to go back to any questions where you feel there may have been a stumble to provide additional clarity and ensure accuracy.
  • Thank the reporter, noting you would love the chance to provide any additional information via email. Ask their deadline and ensure you provide information well before it so they have a chance to review it.
  • Thank the reporter, noting that you would love the chance to double-check any facts or figures that you noted to ensure accuracy and that you can get back to them later in the day.
  • Thank the reporter and bridge into a few other key messages about your organization to reinforce its mission, vision, values, or news. Practice these beforehand.
  • Thank the reporter and ask how else you can be of service to the outlet. Are there any other stories they are working on? Need help with other sources that we might know? Might there be a chance to connect for coffee after the story comes out to discuss some other ideas?

With our clients, in addition to providing media training services and preparation in advance of interviews, we work with them to create a list of topics, messaging, and data so they are well-armed for this portion of the interview. Let us help you do the same!

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at Mar 7, 2024

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