What is Your Brand’s Purpose?

You can’t scroll through your social media feeds today without seeing examples (good and bad) of brands engaging in activism.  As consumers, we want to know that the businesses we do business with put their money where their mouth is and live their brand’s purpose.

I talked about creating a do-good philosophy for your business on a recent episode of the Copper State of Mind podcast.  In it I talk about the importance of having this strategy in place and not waiting until a crisis hits before you decide to take action.

Today’s consumers pay special attention to how brands act and behave. It has become essential to define actions that are consistent with the brand identity and which become an intrinsic element of communication, helping to consolidate the brand reputation.

Our PRGN member agency in Milan, Italy, Sound PR, takes a look at the subject suggesting that brands must take their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to a new level by developing brand activism strategies that mark the transition from simply telling a good story, but actually doing something good.

Read more from Giulia Serazzi here.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

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at May 11, 2021

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