What is the Word of 2021?

Earlier this week, Dictionary.com announced the 2021 word of the year: allyship.

Given my family calls me “Ali” and I love the yachts on Below Deck, at first, I was just so honored by the choice. Of course, once I actually looked of the definition, I learned it was neither about me nor the magical world of super yachts. The word, as you might expect given the past two years in our country, is about much more.

It is defined as either “the role of a person who advocates for inclusion of a marginalized or politicized group in solidarity but not as a member” or as “persons, groups or nations associating and cooperating with one another for a common cause or purpose.”

The word itself dates back to the 1800s, but it did not make its formal debut in the actual dictionary until earlier this year. Talking about coming strong out of the gates!

The word is used to show support with others in the fight for equality for all.

Given this, I have to say, in the words of kids these days, we at HMA “ship” allyship. Let’s stay in this together, both in our words and our actions.

Photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash

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at Dec 10, 2021

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