What is the State of Journalism?

To help us better understand where the journalism industry is at today, Muck Rack has released its State of Journalism 2024 report created in partnership with the International Journalists’ Network and Society of Professional Journalists and more, surveying 1,000+ journalists to bring us the most up to date perspectives we should know about today’s landscape. Take a look below at some of the standout findings we noticed in the report.

Trusted Sources Remain Crucial
When sourcing stories, 82% of journalists continue to consider subject matter experts as the most credible sources with researchers closely behind at 77% and CEOs in third at 46%. This point emphasizes the importance business leaders being trained and prepared for media opportunities as they arise.

AI in Journalism
Journalists are slightly behind PR counterparts in utilizing generative AI tools. The report indicated that 64% of PR professionals are already utilizing AI, while about 28% of journalists report using the technology.

Social Media Trends
Despite the emergence of new platforms, X remains the leading social media channel for journalists for now with 36% of journalists using the platform. However, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are gaining traction and expected to continue to grow, while X is expected to dwindle as journalists seek alternatives.

The Value of PR Professionals
A significant 70% of journalists believe that PR professionals are important to their success, proving the continued value and meaning of PR efforts in the industry. That’s always nice to hear!

Pitching Protocol
As we know, journalists’ inboxes are flooded with pitches, with 46% receiving six or more pitches daily. This equates to at least 30 pitches per week for nearly half of all journalists. Now more than ever, PR professionals must align their pitches and stories with the beats and interests of journalists and the public to break through in today’s competitive media market and be seen.

Digital Dominance
One in four journalists primarily publish in legacy media such as print, TV, and radio, continuing a trend of digital shifts. A whopping 69% are sharing their stories mainly on digital platforms.

The State of Journalism 2024 report illuminates how the journalism industry is changing rapidly and the insights needed to adapt your day-to-day strategy for the current media. From embracing new tech and adjusting social media approaches to connect with journalists, to staying updated on best practices for pitching, the evolving media landscape is continually shifting, bringing in new trends.

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at Apr 25, 2024

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