What is Sunshine Week?

One of the statements we try to hammer home during our media training sessions is that good, ethical journalists consider themselves to be “the watchdogs for society.”

We have seen station promos for investigative reporters whose goal is to “hold the powerful accountable.”

To further support our proclamation, next week, March 12-18, is Sunshine Week, which aims to promote open government and shine light into the dark recesses of government secrecy. It’s all about sharing the importance of open government.

It’s significant enough that the Society of Professional Journalists Phoenix Chapter annually presents the Sunshine Awards,  recognizing efforts for conspicuous efforts in the continuing cause for more open and accountable government, especially through public records and open meetings.

At a time when elected officials at all levels of government are not following laws regarding transparency or regularly proposing laws allowing themselves to hide or not disclose their own activities being conducted on behalf of their constituents, it’s more important than ever to recognize and confront such behavior.

Kudos to those who fight the fight for governmental accountability and openness.

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at Mar 10, 2023

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